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Anyone can have a business, right? But what is it exactly that makes some people successful and others, not so much? I promise it’s not a secret potion made in some random factory, and it’s not even luck. There are actually quite a few things you must do. In this new blog series, we’re only going to talk about ten things you need to do to launch a successful business.

  1. You need a clear goal.

How can you be successful if you don’t know what you want? You’ll just end up spinning your wheels, and unfortunately, remain in the same spot. Before doing anything else, take some time to truly find out what you want to accomplish.

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2. Know your “why”. 

I hate to break it to you, but if you solely want to “get rich quick”, then you need a new reason to go into business. People can smell a money hound a mile away! Your “why” needs to benefit more than just you.

3. You need a plan of action.

Let’s say you live in Charlotte, NC, and you have to drive to Baltimore, MD. You’ve never driven there before. What are you going to do? Use a map–or your handy dandy GPS! The same is true with business. You must develop a plan that lists each step you need to take in order to arrive at your destination–a successful business of course!

4. You need to implement your plan.

What’s the use in having a plan if you’re not using it? Once you have narrowed down your action plan, you must use it. You may even find it beneficial to have an accountability partner or group to help you stay on track.

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5. You must be willing to learn from your mistakes.

This is a biggie. I completely understand the urge to want everything to be “perfect” before you launch. The truth is, there is no “perfect launch”. You are going to make a million mistakes, but that’s okay as long as you learn from it. Your customers don’t want to see a perfect business owner. They want someone who is authentic and relatable.

6. You need an organization system.

It is pretty tough to start a business from the ground up. It truly helps if you can find a system to keep you organized. We’ll explore some ways to help you with this in a later post during this series.

7. You need to maintain focus.

I admit, this is tough. While you’re working your plan, you can run into so many other cool things along the way. Although it can be really hard to say ‘no’, trust me, you need to practice having tunnel vision.

8. You need to collaborate with others.

I know, I know. I didn’t like all of those group projects in school either, but I’ll tell you this: no one makes it to the top alone. Everyone needs help–including you. The sooner you start collaborating with like-minded people, the faster you’ll see results. Later in this series, we’ll discuss effective ways to collaborate with others.


9. You need to avoid making excuses.

Ouch! This is a tough one, but if you want to have a successful business, you can’t be so quick to blame others for your failures. Sometimes, we need to do like the great Michael Jackson suggested–take a look at “the Man in the Mirror”.

10. You need to have fun.

Seriously, if you want a successful business, you can’t walk around like you have a stick up your rear-end! It’s okay to be human–I promise! I’ll show you some ways to balance fun and business on your journey later in this series.

If you want to continue exploring these secrets to launching a successful business, then follow me for an in-depth look at each of these ten topics. Don’t just stop there. Share the wealth of knowledge with your family and friends. Remember, sharing is caring! 🙂

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