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Have you ever accepted a job because you saw yourself growing professionally and climbing up the corporate ladder? If I asked you how much growth you’ve experienced since being there, hopefully you don’t feel inclined to shrug your shoulders and look sheepishly at your shoes! Now, before we jump to conclusions, it’s only fair that we explore why you (think you) haven’t experienced much growth. Let’s take a look at these questions to see where you fall.

  1. Has your job mandated professional development within the past 6 months?

Things can change so quickly from one day to the next. For this reason, companies should provide some form of professional development. These trainings can help with managing problems effectively, improving leadership skills, or even tips for customer care management. I would be wary of a company that did not provide mandatory professional development once or twice per year. Professional development should be an opportunity to foster growth and is a way to ensure all staff is knowledgeable of the company’s expectations and the direction the company is heading towards.

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  1. Has your job offered optional professional within the past 6 months?

As a former teacher, there were always several forms of optional professional development that catered to various topics, including technology and best classroom management practices. Yet, every profession may not do this. In these cases, you may need to search for workshops in your area that may offer trainings that could help you personally or professionally. Should you have to do this? That’s debatable. Yet, it does show you know how to take initiative! This could be useful for your current or future job (or even a business venture of your own!).

  1. If yes to either of the above questions, did you attend any?

 The big thing here is that I don’t want you to say you have low to no growth if you chose not to take advantage of any resources offered through your job or a nearby facility. I’m all about honesty—even if it’s a bit of tough love, my dear!

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  1. What did you learn from these trainings?

 If you attended any professional development opportunities, you should have had a takeaway from all of them. You need something that can make your professional life better (and it’s a plus if it touches you personally, too!). If the answer is honestly “no, I didn’t learn a darn thing”, then you may need to evaluate if you’ve outgrown your current position.  The worst thing is to stay somewhere out of comfort, and avoid the chance to increase your knowledge and spread your wings a bit.

  1. How can you apply what you learned?

It’s one thing to learn something, and another to apply it. Do you have opportunities to apply the new skills you’ve learned? If not, how will you know if you really learned anything? Or if the skills are truly beneficial to you? To me, it is not enough to merely be filled with knowledge, skills, and expertise. You need to use what you have to learn and grow.

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So, what about you? Is your current job really offering you limited to no opportunities for growth? Are you destined to be in the same position and pay scale with no opportunities for advancement? If you’re not happy about the answers you just gave, then I advise you to evaluate where you need to go from here. Where do you see yourself in the next five years? Heck, even the next two or three years! Once you know the answer, make an action plan, and take intentional steps to get there!

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