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When I think of the word “superhero”, I think of Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Wolverine (by far my fav out of all the X-Men), and so many others. What do all these superheroes have in common? They are influential. They are strong. They do what others around them can’t seem to do. That’s why they can save the day.

By now, you’re probably thinking, “Oh yeah, that’s so me at my job!” (smile) Well, my dear, you are super. You really are. Yet, what I failed to mention is that superheroes don’t have to be afraid of moving on once they’ve helped someone. A superhero doesn’t have to only save the people at Best Buy, the local elementary school, or even the hospital.

A superhero can take their assets and use them anywhere. Are you catching my drift? In this series, we’ve been talking about signs to know if it’s time to let go of your current job. One of the signs is if you feel afraid to leave because you do so much for your company, and you’re not sure if things will run as smoothly without you there.

I want you to listen to me. Are you listening? Okay. Good. Here’s what you need to know about being a superhero:


Every mission has a time stamp.

I believe God gives each of us a mission to carry out, but guess what? Our mission has a time stamp. In Ecclesiastes 3, we learn there is a season for everything–the good, the bad, and the ugly! If you take a look around, you’ll notice this is true! Just as the Earth has seasons, so does your life. You were meant to grow, change, and touch the lives of many.

If you’ve been wanting to try your hand at something new, but the only reason you haven’t is because you’re afraid things may not prosper without you, I urge you to let go of this line of thinking! I promise it’s okay to give someone else a try at being super. Have you ever thought about what awesomeness you haven’t discovered yet because of your fear of letting go of your current job?


Every mission has a lesson (or two)–for both you and the people you help.

With each mission, the person you help shouldn’t be the only one with a takeaway. You should have a takeaway, too. Maybe you will learn how to refine your leadership skills or maybe you will learn you need to improve in a particular area (hey, superheroes have weaknesses, too!). Whatever it is, take some piece of knowledge with you that can be used for future missions. Just remember the people you’ll leave behind can learn lessons with the help of other superheroes, too!


Multiple Superheroes Can Co-Exist

I’ve learned over time that true superheroes realize they are around only to solve a part of the problem until the next superhero comes along. I was so afraid to leave behind my awesome students from my first teaching job. My husband’s job moved our family to Georgia, but I wasn’t ready to leave my little darlings (they were like my kids by that point).

I can remember sharing this with one of my counselor buddies there, and do you know what she said? “Oh don’t worry, kids are resilient.” I have to admit I felt a little of my superhero power leave me at that very moment! But you know what? She was right! My little darlings would still be able to thrive without me under the super awesomeness of the next teacher.

You see, sometimes we can forget we are not the Man Upstairs. Our job is to complete the mission so we can move on to the next. So, if you’ve been feeling that little tug telling you it’s time to move on, then do it. Let go. Take the lessons you’ve learned, and the memories you’ve made so you can continue being super at your next mission site, whether that be working for someone else or starting up your dream business. I promise, you can be super beyond your current job!

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