JumpStart Your Thinking

About the Author

About the author

JaQuette Gilbert found it alarming that many people are simply “making it” in life instead of living to achieve their dream. Inspired in part by Urie Bronfenbrenner’s ecological theory, JaQuette chose to write 11 Ways to JumpStart Your Thinking as a source of tips to help dreamers finally achieve their dream.

JaQuette received her undergraduate degree from Clemson University, and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree at Capella University. She worked for eight years as a high school teacher, and now uses her skills to help others strategize and create a plan that will lead to the successful attainment of their goal. JaQuette blogs at jaquettegilbert.wordpress.com and can be found on Periscope, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest @mrsjpgilbert.

JaQuette is a native of Charleston, SC. She now resides in Columbia, SC with her husband, Greg, and their three daughters, Faith, Grace, and Madison. JaQuette enjoys spending time with her family, singing, and playing board games.


About the book

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11 Ways to JumpStart Your Thinking: Change Your Mindset to Achieve the Success You Deserve

In a perfect world, what would your life look like? Would you be a doctor, an entrepreneur, an author? What about the President of the United States? What’s been holding you back from achieving this ideal life? In 11 Ways to Jumpstart Your Thinking, JaQuette Gilbert explores why you haven’t been able to achieve the life you want. Simply put, it’s because of your mindset. This book will help you discover how your mindset is affected by what you watch, speak, listen to, and much more! If you’re ready to overcome the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back for so long, then order a copy of 11 Ways to Jumpstart Your Thinking from Amazon beginning January 12, 2016!


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